The Humble Foot

My father would tell me if you start off on the wrong foot it is hard to finish well. My dad was of course speaking figuratively. When I tell you that you are starting off on the wrong foot and you will not finish well, I am speaking literally.
The foot is only second to the hand for afferentation or input into the spinal cord and brain. That means it is the orchestra leader telling other parts of the body how to react.

The foot is an amazing adapter, it deforms itself to absorb our mass and momentum as it crashes into the ground. Within fractions of a second, the foot adapts into a rigid foundation for the body to propel itself.

The foot converts its ground reaction and forces into inward twisting of the lower leg and upper thigh. Most biomechanists feel this conversion is the most important motion in the body. It is the key that turns on the ignition that starts the body. Without this conversion, the whole body, but especially the knee and hip, are at a giant disadvantage.

Arguments can easily be made for shoulder dysfunction or even headaches linked to foot dysfunction. It seems then like a daunting task to solve any problem that exists within a chain reaction. The key is to base care on motion faults and not symptoms. The healthcare provider must see problems from a holistic point of view because there is so much intra-connection that links motion in the body.
A great problem, as I see it now in health care, is being driven too much by symptoms. For example, if I go to the orthopedic surgeon with knee pain it will consist of an evaluation of my knee. That will never be adequate, as you are starting to see, the foot may be a huge part of my knees’ dysfunction. I have come to believe, that if you are being treated by someone and they only evaluate and treat the area of complaint, consider leaving that provider.

The key point to remember is the foot has such tremendous abilities in movement and control. This giftedness makes it a prime suspect in pain and problems. Patients of course would always like their area of complaint checked out and rightfully so. It is critical to keep in mind the area of complaint can be a culprit, but most of the time it is the victim. The foot when it gets into trouble, many times won’t tell on itself but create havoc upstream.