Impulse Adjusting Technique

At Eastside Wellness Chiropractic in Peoria, IL, our chiropractors use the Impulse Adjusting Technique for highly specific yet gentle adjustments. Unlike other chiropractors in Peoria, IL our professionals at Eastside Wellness Chiropractic leverage a systems approach that uses functional screening protocols and advanced technology to yield the greatest outcomes.Impulse Adjusting Technique Chiropractors Peoria IL

As a great tool for chiropractic care, Impulse Adjusting Technique works really well on just about everyone, particularly with the elderly and children where the amount of force used for spinal adjustments can be kept to a minimum.

Impulse Adjusting Technique in Peoria, IL

As one of the few chiropractic offices in Peoria to offer Impulse Adjusting Technique, we use this system help facilitate smoother and more comfortable manipulations of the spine. Impulse Adjusting is an instrument based adjusting technique that was developed to provide controlled treatments to specific areas that you are having trouble with.

The advantages of this chiropractic-based technique is that it is highly specific yet gentle. There is no popping or cracking sounds with Impulse adjustments. Many chiropractic patients like this because it isn’t as forceful and we are able to adjust the spine back into proper alignment. Impulse technique is also used on articular joints such as the shoulder and hips to restore correct range of motion. Soft tissue areas that are tight can benefit from this chiropractic tool as well.

At Eastside Wellness Chiropractic in Peoria, IL, we take the time to assess our patients from a holistic approach. That is, we not only evaluate what is hurting, but we also look at how you are moving. Impulse adjusting is just one of many approaches we use to cultivate greater balance, mobility, and overall wellness.

Contact our facility today to learn more about Impulse Adjusting Technique, or schedule an appointment with one of our Peoria, IL chiropractors for a consultation and screening.